Creative coding for young innovators

We help young people to explore and experiment with code & new technologies by developing fun & creative projects (prototypes, interactive stories, mini-games, animations…)

These experiences connect art, science and technology to help them reflect on the challenges of our time and become digital innovators.

Our courses not only teach them the fundamentals of computer science but equip them with essential skills for the future: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative work.

Discover our courses

Private lessons

We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of your child in 1-on-1 tuition.

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Afterschool clubs

A stimulating environment where students are encouraged to learn collaboratively.

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Pop-up workshops to experiment with new technologies in a practical and critical way.

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My name is Aurélien, I am an educator and cultural producer.

With a background in engineering, my work experience throughout arts and interactive media includes the design and production of computational artworks.

As an educator, I have been teaching creative coding for young people for over 3 years. I also animate conferences and creative workshops for university students and private companies.